Painting from Home

Painting with us via Zoom can feel a little different, but ultimately we are all experiencing painting together in the virtual space, and the creative force is present no matter where we are!  For your painting setup, you can keep it simple and use whatever paints, brushes and paper you have on hand, even crayons, markers, pens, pencil.  Or, if you'd like to replicate your in-studio experience as much as possible, here are our recommendations

Material Suggestions


Richeson brushes  available at Rex Art

Richeson Squirrel Brush set of 5:

Moderately-priced alternatives:  Synthetic watercolor brushes, round shape available at or


We use a high quality tempera paint available at Dickblick: Blick premium tempera paint.

Consider starting with a set of 6 basic colors of Blick premium tempera paints :



The studio gets paper delivered by Kelly Paper and they cut it for us. 80# Bristol Vellum, 26x20 inches (original size 26x40 inches - cut in half)

Purchase similar paper, not exactly the same size but close enough, through Dickblick:

- Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Pad - 19'' x 24'', Vellum, 20 Sheets: or

- Blick Bristol Pad - 19'' x 24'', Vellum, 15 Sheets:


Celotex or fiber boards, available at building supply stores.

Locally : Ashy Lumber in Berkeley carries fiber boards, also called sound boards.

Inexpensive and lightweight alternative: Elmer's tri-fold poster board 36"x48", available through Amazon and Target

A Home Painting Setup