Jan Haller

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As  a nonprofit organization, we are grateful for donations to help further our mission -- encouraging people of all backgrounds and abilities to use paint and paper as tools for exploring creative expression. The intuitive process we teach helps people access deep places in their inner creative worlds, a practice that can transform people’s lives. All donations are tax deductible.


Your generosity helps us

•   Provide tuition assistance to people in need

•   Fund outreach projects to create greater community awareness of CCE and the benefits of its creative offerings

•   Pay for materials and essential operating expenses


We welcome gifts of any amount, and there are many ways to donate


•   One-time donations (by check in person at the studio or by mail, from our website via PayPal)

•   Recurring donations (set up, for example, as a monthly PayPal payment, or as a direct payment from your bank account)

•   Legacy donations (for estate planning)


Make your contribution using the Paypal button below or, if you have questions about donating, phone us at 415.333.9515 or email ccepaintingstudio@gmail.com.