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Maria Freebairn-Smith,


Personal Statement


Intuitive painting can feel like a miraculous process in my experience, and it opens my eyes to the miraculous nature of life. Coming back to the CCE Painting Studio is one of those wondrous moments! After helping with the founding of the studio and running the children’s programs many years ago, I am so delighted to return as a guest teacher to the CCE Painting Studio. I had the honor of being in the first 4-year teacher training of “The Painting Experience" facilitated by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley over 30 years ago. And there, I not only began a lifelong journey into intuitive process painting, I also met Barbara Kaufman and Jan Haller, who would mentor me as a teacher of adults and children in the painting process. Barbara, and a group of dedicated painters, including myself, opened the CCE Painting Studio in San Francisco.


After the birth of my first son, my family moved to Sonoma County and I continued to teach adult and children’s painting classes over the next 25 years. Now the children have grown, and I have moved closer to the studio and was so excited to reconnect to the whole community in online classes during covid times. I look forward to being with you on your intuitive painting process journey and to see what it brings to light on the paper and in your life!

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