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Kids and Family Painting 

About our painting classes for children:

In the right atmosphere, painting becomes a powerful tool for supporting children, helping them grow into healthy confident adults. We provide quality materials, a supportive structure, and caring experienced staff to create an environment that:

• Offers creative adventure and process
• Encourages spontaneous self-expression
• Respects each child’s individual needs
• Removes the pressure of performing

We believe that creativity is a tool that enhances children’s lives in many ways. The studio offers a safe space that minimizes comparison and criticism. As a result, children learn to trust their own inclinations, to freely express the richness of their world, and to respond with kindness to the critical judging voices within.  They learn to see creativity as play, adventure, and self-expression and to use intuition and spontaneity as the fuel of creation.

By painting in a studio that emphasizes these basic principles, children can develop confidence and self-esteem, with increased freshness and joyful participation in life.  We invite all children to experience the wonder of painting at the CCE Painting Studio.

Children's Painting Classes

All classes and workshops are for kids ages 4 to 12

Summer 2024:

Keeping Children’s Natural Creativity Alive

Winter and Spring 8-week Class Series

taught by Anne Millett

Wednesday, 4:00pm - 5:15pm

Fall dates TBD

Fee: $280 for 8-week class series

Snack and all materials provided

Children’s Painting Time—For the Joy of It!

2 hour Painting Workshop

Co-taught by Maria Freebairn-Smith and Anne Millett

Saturdays, 10am - noon

Fall dates TBD

Fee: $45 - $65 sliding scale

Snack and all materials provided

Classes are held at the studio. Please contact CCE for availability

Family Painting Time - Create together!

Side-by-Side Creativity

For ages 3 and up, multiple generations welcome.

Co-taught by Maria Freebairn-Smith and Anne Millett

Saturday, 2 - 4pm

Jun 1, 2024

Jul 13, 2024 (be aware of new date)

Aug 10, 2024

Sep 7, 2024

Family fee: $55 - $70 sliding scale (1 adult and up to 2 children); additional adults and children $20 each; maximum per family $100 .

All materials provided.

Sessions are held at the studio. Please contact CCE for availability.

Are you looking for a creative outlet for you and your children?  Come join us for a family painting "open house" at the CCE Painting Studio.  Come explore color and images side by side with your children. Pick up a brush and remember what it feels like to be a child, facing the unknown with curiosity and wonder. All ages are welcome.  No experience necessary.


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