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Explore the Mystery of Creativity and the Human Experience!

The Center for Creative Exploration invites you to explore the creative process through painting, discussion, and other forms of inquiry. We offer a safe, supportive environment where you can find authentic expression for your individual creative voice. Here you can move beyond learned ideas about what creativity is and who can engage in creative activities.

In CCE’s weekly classes and workshops you learn to look at painting in a new way—to see it as a tool for rediscovering a deep, spontaneous connection to the creative stream. Through painting, you find the freedom to create outside of your conditioned ideas about art: right/wrong, good/bad, ugly/beautiful.


Creativity goes beyond technique, skill, and inspiration. It is life expressing itself through your own unique experience. Come paint with us and discover what life has to say through you.


Whether it be at the Painting Studio, outdoors or online we welcome everyone: adults and children, those who have never picked up a brush, and those who have painted for years. You have everything you need to begin. No prior experience required.

About Us

The Center for Creative Exploration is a nonprofit arts education organization located in San Franciso's Glen Park neighborhood. 
Classes & Workshops
Intuitive painting classes, workshops, and intensives for adults. Explore the creative process, using tempera paint on paper.
Kids' Classes
In the right atmosphere, painting is a powerful tool for supporting children, helping them grow into healthy confident adults.
Painting Gallery
The painting process is truly "inside-out."  Painters learn to listen to their inner knowing, with sometimes surprising results. 
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